CD “Inktvisdans”


The debut album "Inktvisdans" (Squid Dance) by folk duo De Keltische Hobbits (The Celtic Hobbits) contains 13 magical songs and tunes from the Celtic countries and the Netherlands.
Be enchanted by the whistles, strings and the broom of old grandpa Bakkebaard ('whiskers').

  1. Come by the Hills
  2. Hills of Connemara
  3. Ty Bach Twt / Opa Bakkebaard
  4. As de Sterre Dao Baove Straole
  5. Is Acher in Gaith Innocht / Guur is de Wind Vannacht
  6. Báidín Fheilimí
  7. Inktvisdans
  8. Siúil A Rún
  9. El Desembre Congelat (Midden in de Winternacht) / Deck the Halls
  10. Cill Chais
  11. Glihbeam’s Trost für den Verlust des Zwergenbarthaares
  12. Honeymoon Reel
  13. Smith of Bristol
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