Luuk Lenders - Het Groene Woud (The Green Forest)

© 2023 - recorded in Studio Moskou, Utrecht.
Illustrations by Luuk.

26 songs of Dutch and Irish folk music, themed around green woods, gurgling creeks and foresty birdsong.

Luuk Lenders: tin, alto & low whistles, ocarinas, pan flute, monaulos, vocals, beatbox, wolf, mumbling forest creature, piano accordion, shruti box, grand piano, midi piano, kalimba, jew's harp, harmonica, framedrum, base drum, toms, bongos, table bells, foot bells, tingsha bell, bicycle bell, koshi chimes, glockenspiel, wooden xylofone, spoons, drumsticks, nuts, guiro, hooves, tea kettle, whisk & more! /

Seán Cannon (IE): vocals / Kevin Conneff (IE): vocals & bodhrán / Zoë Conway (IE): vocals / Dom Flemons (USA): vocals & harmonica / Beppie Kraft (NL): vocals / Hans Theessink (NL): vocals / Karin van As (NL): spoken word / Gerry O’Connor (IE): banjo

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De Meulebèèk (L.Lenders)

CD 1: Dromen op het Mos (Dreaming on the Moss) (39 min.)

    De Meulebèèk (L.Lenders) 2.35
    The Green Woods of Triugha (trad. arr.) 4.00
    Fáinne Geal an Lae (The Bright Ring of Day) (trad. arr.) - ft. Seán Cannon (The Dubliners) 3.15
    The Green Shamrock Shore (trad. arr.) 3.32
    A Ghaoth Andeas (The South Wind) (trad. arr.) - ft. Zoë Conway 2.25
    Zuidenwinddans (L.Lenders) 4.37
    Éamonn an Chnoic (Ned of the Hill) (trad. arr.) 3.34
    Oh Denneboom (trad. arr.) 1.48
    Aardbeiendroom (L.Lenders) / Roodkapje (trad. arr.) 1.56
    Triptych: Sneeuwwit Vogelkijn (trad. arr.) - ft. Hans Theessink 3.18
    Triptych: Het Groene Woud (L.Lenders) 5.54
    Triptych: ‘t Nachtegaaltje Zingt (L.Lenders) 2.58

CD 2: Dansen in het bos (Dancing in the forest) (36 min.)

    De Uil zat in de Olmen (trad. arr.) 2.13
    Life Let Us Cherish / The Irish Washerwoman (trad. arr.) 1.42
    Wonderwoud (L.Lenders) / Son ar Chistr (trad. arr.) 3.42
    Maretakkenbos (L.Lenders) 1.50
    Als de Haan Kraait (Tá an Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae) (trad. arr.) 2.03
    Mannen met Baarden (trad. arr.) 1.59
    Peigín Leitir Móir - ft. Kevin Conneff (The Chieftains) / The Maid Behind the Bar (trad. arr.) 2.43
    Honeysuckle Hornpipe / The Swallow’s Tail (trad. arr.) - ft. Gerry O’Connor (The Dublin Legends) 3.48
    Fluiter (L.Lenders) 2.29
    Waar in ‘t Bronsgroen Eikenhout (trad. arr.) - ft. Beppie Kraft 3.39
    Driekusman (trad. arr.) - ft. Hans Theessink 0.42
    Long Journey Home (trad. arr.) - ft. Dom Flemons (The Carolina Chocolate Drops) 2.41
    Dennis Murphy’s Polka / Maggie in the Woods / Murroe Polka (trad. arr.) 3.09
    Bonus: De Treinwals (L.Lenders) - ft. Karin van As (Dutch Railways) 3.34

Translated liner notes

Welcome to Het Groene Woud!

In "Het Groene Woud" you can hear me at work with all my special instruments and creative ideas. I let accordion bellows swing and with my whistles I let the birds sing. I celebrate nature with festive dances and then I rest in a forest clearing. The music is evocative of a green Ireland, the Netherlands from long ago, and the footsteps of an American traveller on his long way home.

Most of the album consists of instrumental works, played with more than fifty different instruments.
The following dances from Ireland are featured: two reels (The Maid Behind the Bar and The Swallow's Tail), two jigs (The Irish Washerwoman and Tá an Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae), three polkas, and a hornpipe. I also play three Irish slow airs: Éamonn an Chnoic as tin whistle solo, The Green Shamrock Shore as alto whistle solo, and The Green Woods of Triugha with low whistle. Wonderful to dream away with!

Son ar Chistr, a song from Brittany, is known in the Netherlands as Zeven Dagen Lang and the music of Life Let Us Cherish has been used in the Netherlands for a Sinterklaas song. And who remembers Roodkapje (Little Red Riding Hood) and De Uil zat in de Olmen? Finally, we also enjoy that wonderful Oh Denneboom.

Zuidenwinddans and Wonderwoud are two own compositions, arranged with instruments such as a kettle, putty knife and a rainstick. Maretakkenbos (Mistletoe forest) and De Meulebèèk are two odes to Limburg, De Treinwals to Utrecht, and Fluiter ambles between them in a relaxed flight. The ocarina, a small whistle made of clay, shines on Aardbeiendroom (Strawberry Dream) and 't Nachtegaaltje Zingt (The Nightingale Sings). Het Groene Woud, with a star role for the piano accordion, expresses in sound the adventurous journey of the Sneeuwwit Vogelkijn (Snow White Bird).

On this album I would like to introduce an extraordinary guest to you: Seán Cannon, known from the legendary Irish folk band The Dubliners! They have greatly inspired me as a young musician. The Dubliners no longer exist, but Seán still tours the world singing. This special collaboration inspired me to invite even more singers to Het Groene Woud, such as Kevin Conneff from that other legendary Irish band The Chieftains.

In addition, bluesman Hans Theessink sings two very old Dutch folk songs, the Irish Zoë Conway sings about the arrival of spring and Dom Flemons shows a sample of authentic bluegrass. Beppie Kraft represents my Limburg roots and Karin van As, the voice of the Dutch Railways, introduces De Treinwals (The Train Waltz), which I dedicate to my current hometown of Utrecht and Utrecht's Central Station. Finally, I myself will sing an old sailor song. Gerry O'Connor is the only guest artist who lets his banjo swing in an Irish medley instead of his voice.

The "Het Groene Woud" album contains two CDs. Together they form the green oasis that you now hold in your hands. If you fancy a sparkling rest, listen to CD 1 Dromen op het Mos. More in the mood for a party? Play CD 2 Dancing in the Forest. Can't choose? Go back to start and throw again! Have fun listening.


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Cheerful, dreamy, imaginative and playful. Luuk's flute playing in particular is particularly well cared for. Several guest musicians contributed to Het Groene Woud. And not the least! Luuk Lenders' own worldly compositions forge it into one whole. That can certainly be called impressive.
~ New Folk Sounds Magazine

This album shows great musicality, creativity and a love for nature.
~ Land van Cuijk (regional magazine)

I enjoyed playing to the arrangements. You laid down a great pallette of music! Till next time!
~ Dom Flemons (guest musician)

He pours a sauce of his musical versatility over his music. His enthusiasm during performances is infectious.
~ Peel en Maas Venray (weekly paper)

De Keltische Hobbits - Inktvisdans (Squid Dance)

© 2019 - recorded in Studio Moskou, Utrecht.

  1. Come by the Hills
  2. Hills of Connemara
  3. Ty Bach Twt / Opa Bakkebaard
  4. As de Sterre Dao Baove Straole
  5. Is Acher in Gaith Innocht / Guur is de Wind Vannacht
  6. Báidín Fheilimí
  7. Inktvisdans
  8. Siúil A Rún
  9. El Desembre Congelat (Midden in de Winternacht) / Deck the Halls
  10. Cill Chais
  11. Glihbeam's Trost für den Verlust des Zwergenbarthaares
  12. Honeymoon Reel
  13. Smith of Bristol

Luuk Lenders: piano accordion, tin whistles, low whistles, ocarinas, jew's harp, shruti box, thunder tube, foot tambourine, bird puppet /
Iris Schram: harp, vocals, wind whistle, rainstick, bell string, toy pistol

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Luuk Lenders - Bosduif
(Forest Pigeon)

© 2017 - recorded with Yeppe Productions, Utrecht.
Illustrations and design by Luuk.

  1. Het Balkanbos
  2. Ocarina Tune II / Dubbelsprookje + badeendsolo
  3. Pingpongpolka
  4. Cill Chais
  5. Chinese Fluit Ceremonie
  6. Alien Western Beat
  7. Het Bijenlied / Het Takkenlied
  8. De Schotse Zeeman en de Kraai
  9. De Arabische Herder / De Ierse Herder / The Quaker’s Wife
  10. De Dronken Bij

Luuk Lenders: piano accordion, tin whistles, low whistles, ocarinas, dvojacka, overtone flute, Arabian shepherd's flute, hulusi, wind whistle, slide whistle, tea kettle, kazoo, Flemish bagpipes, harmonica, jew's harp, shruti box, piano, drones, angklung, kalimba, thunder tube, koshi chimes, tingsha bell, foot tambourine, bird puppet, rubber ducky & more! /
Yeppe van Kesteren (nr. 6): bass guitar, alien conversation, musical saw

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